Authoring course for teachers
by Wonderland kids teaching methods

"Playful approach
in teaching English to children 2-6 y.o."
Become an English teacher for children within 8 weeks

Online and offline studies

Next batch - April, 1

Who is this course for
  • English teachers

    who have experience working with children for 3 years or without such an experience, who want to gain new skills and increase competency.
  • students of pedagogical universities
    who want to gain practical skills required for teaching English to children and train these skills at real lessons.
  • young mothers
    and nannies
    for mums with good level of English and who don't want to go back to the office job after maternity leave, but to work with children and/or teach own kids at home.
    for english speaking nannies who want to use a playful approach in teaching children.
Course program
The program is based on Wonderland kids teaching methods – playful teaching English to kids studio with an authority teaching methods. We use working and the best, as we believe, way to interest and motivate children to study English and ready to share this knowledge with you.

Wonderland kids teaching methods - learning through active and calm games, educational craft and songs. We also refer to foreign resources like British Council, Cambridge English, Super Simple Learning and others.

The course is taught in English.
How to take the course
The course lasts for 8 weeks and is held in two formats: online and offline.

First month- the online part of the course: you have 8 theoretical lessons, prepare 3 lesson plans, one of which will be used as your practical test.

The second part of the course is going to be held, and here you have a choice: either continue taking lessons online or choose offline lessons which take place in our club near Vorontsovskaya metro station (Moscow).

If you continue online studies, you will also get 8 theoretical lessons, prepare 4 lesson plans, conduct one with children at the end of the course and send us your recording. Each week the curator of the course is ready to help you discuss all the questions and disputable issues.

Taking offline lessons means having more practice: you will get 8 theoretical lessons, but prepare 8 lesson plans and conduct 8 practical face-to-face lessons in our club near VDNKH metro station. The curator observes your lessons and comments on them right away.

About trainer
  • Alexandra Lee
    Co-founder of Wonderland Kids, head of studies, playful teaching methods trainer
    Alexandra is a teacher and an English language translator with 12 years of experience. She graduated from Moscow State Open University in 2011, the faculty of Linguistics and International Communication, specialized in foreign language teaching and translation.

    Alexandra was a tutor, also taught children from 2 years old and adults in famous language schools in Moscow. FIve years ago she founded a playful teaching English to kids studio Wonderland kids with business partners.

    Alexandra carried out 11 batches of training courses for 45 teachers, and some of the graduates now work by Wonderland kids. 80% of graduates of the course apply this knowledge in practice.
Excerpts of the course
There are excerpts from three lessons:

1st is about the difference of teaching kids and adults;
2nd is about tips for teachers about planning and conducting the lessons;
3rd is about some active games where we combine playing and usage of L2.
Why choose our course
  • Useful materials
    Only useful tips, no idle talks. Materials are based on the individual experience of acting teachers. Each lesson brings you to the awareness of how to work with kids using the playful approach.
  • Four people in the group
    Small group is the best condition for education. Only four people are chosen for offline lessons where you can deeply work over your new skills.
  • Individual approach
    The trainer and the curator of the course are always in touch with you and ready to comment on all the questions you face during the course.
    For offline groups - at classes in the club, for online groups – during feedback webinars.
  • A lot of practice
    Be ready to make lesson plans every week, to prepare for classes with kids and conduct them. Theoretical part of the course will help you to understand how to prepare the lesson plans properly and find the suitable approach to kids. However the main aim is not simply to know this, but study to do it in practice.
  • Advance your English
    The course is held in English. It means that all the videos of the theoretical part, offline lessons with the curator, materials and webinars are carried out in English. Learn new words, work with listening comprehension, talk to us and advance your English.
  • Flexible learning
    You may choose the group where you want to study, either offline or online. If you have an opportunity to gather a small group of kids at home, you may choose online format and study from any place of the world. If you want to obtain more practice and have classes with our kids in our club, you may choose online studies.
Feedback of teachers who passed our course
I passed the teaching course held by Alexandra Lee. I chose this course because I needed a short program, and it was not a mistake. I liked that all the lessons were in English and included both theory and practice. Theoretical course had only useful information, no idle talks, everything that I apply now at my lessons with kids. The information was structured, it was given to us in the form of tables and conspectus in such a way that it can be used and applied in future. As for practical lessons, I want to thank Alexandra for creating the atmosphere of real lessons; she invited kids who we carried out the classes with, and after the classes every student got feedback and practical advice. I strongly recommend people who think whether to take this course or not to take it without any hesitations because here you obtain real skills which you can apply during your work with children. Sasha, thanks a lot for this course and friendly and cordial atmosphere, it was a pleasure to study with you. I'm waiting for new programs and courses!
Ekaterina Klyueva

"I liked that all the lessons were in English and included both theory and practice. Theoretical course had only useful information, no idle talks, everything that I apply now at my lessons with kids."
I'd like to express my deep gratitude to the trainer of the Wonderland kids teaching course Alexandra Lee for the opportunity to learn the subtlety and secrets of teaching English to kids. First, I want to mention Alexandra's permanent kindness and charming smile: her non-typical approach, creativity, optimism and talent really inspire! I ran to every class with great please and delight. For each class we, the students, prepared the lesson plan on the given topic and one of us presented it at the classes with kids. Certainly before the class we sent the plans to Alexandra and she advised how to revise them to make better. I'm lucky: there were several young and talented teachers in my group who have already had a teaching experience when I was only planning to change the field of my activity and become a teacher. It gave me a huge boost, faith and self-confidence, and I'm thankful to Alexandra first of all and to my colleagues. Now I have 2 students who wait for the next lesson with impatience. So do I, to tell the truth! I reckon the methodology of Wonderland kids to be the best among all the possible ones, and I wish every child had such a teacher as Alexandra! Thank you once again. Your former student, Viktoriya Muratova.
Viktoriya Muratova

"...when I was only planning to change the field of my activity and become a teacher. It gave me a huge boost, faith and self-confidence..."
Hello! I'd like to share my impressions of studying at Wonderland kids teacher training. I took the course "Become an English teacher for 2-6 years old kids" carried out by the co-founder of Wonderland Kids studio Alexandra Lee. First, I want to mention the originality of the playful approach in teaching English to kids: being a mom I understand that it's possible to teach kids something new only using the playful approach and in a positive mood. The program of the course is highly topical in not only the sense of theory, description of the methods and psychological aspects of teaching, but it also includes practical lessons. Each student has an opportunity to carry out the classes for kids. Each lesson is discussed in details together with the trainer of the course. I'd like to thank our teacher Alexandra for her professional competence, sympathetic attitude, attentiveness to details and positive mood. This course is useful for both acting teachers and moms who want to teach their kids English. Wish you success!
Olga Shantina

"...want to mention the originality of the playful approach in teaching English to kids: being a mom I understand that it's possible to teach kids something new only using the playful approach and in a positive mood."
What you will be able to do after taking our course
Teach kids
After this course you can teach kids in groups and individually. You will learn how to motivate a child to study, how to keep kids attention, you will know a lot of games and craft ideas that you can apply immediately at your lessons.
Become a member
of our team
Wonderland kids team are certified by our teaching methods teachers. We are constantly looking for the best ones! Join us and love your job as we do.
Study at home
Find out how to motivate your child to study English, which game to use, how to plan the lesson and the whole program. Probably you will have a group of kids taking lessons at home and become a teacher who kids love.

"Online" package - both months are online studies with practice.
"Offline" package - the first month is online, the second - face-to-face classes in our club.


"Online" package:
- one time payment 15900 RUR 3 days before the course starts or earlier.

"Offline" package:
- 19900 RUR 3 days before the course starts or earlier

* 3 days before the course starts as we need to make some arrangements before it.
Book a place at the course
There are only four students at our offline course. To enter the group book a place . We will remind you about the course start for a week.
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Frequently Asked Questions
If I choose online format, do I need to find children for lessons by myself?
Yes, you're right. You may gather a small group of 2-3 kids of your friends and record a video for us right at home.
Do you carry out this course in batches? How often?
Yes, correctly. But the batches are not necessarily take place every two months. For example, in summer we start the new batch on the 4th of June, and the next one is only in the middle of September. Follow our website or book a place in a group, and we will keep you informed.
How many people are selected for online and offline courses?
The booking is closed when there are 20 students in a batch. Among them only 4 students get an opportunity to study offline, and all the other 16 students continue studying online.
May I choose only offline classes?
You may choose the most suitable format of studying for you in the very beginning, but be ready that you may continue studying online, because we select only 4 students for offline part on the base of the results of your study during the first month. It's in your hands! Sometimes it happens that the group is small, so all the students take continue studying offline, we will inform you about it at the very beginning of the course.
What's the timetable of classes?
Wonderland Kids: During the first and the second months online you get the materials (video lectures, tests and additional articles to study) every week on Monday and you are free to study them during the week at any convenient time. Practical tasks should be prepared by Wednesdays. If your second month is offline, in addition to theoretical part you will carry out the lessons with a group of kids – every Tuesday at 19:30 and Saturday at 11:00 or 17:00. You will have one or two classes with kids, all the other classes you are looking at how other teachers are conducting their lessons and take part in a discussion after the class.
If I don't have time to watch any of materials, can I save them and use them after the course?
Yes, you will have all the materials with you after the end of the course, and they include 16 video lectures, 16 tests that you can take once again to brush up all the knowledge, presentations and links to all the resources. You can always refer to them when you start teaching kids to recall our recommendations and advice.
May I work in your company after the end of the course?
Wonderland Kids: Yes, it's possible, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee it. It depends on the presence of vacancies in our company or in companies of our partners and certainly on your results. Many things depend on you! Try your best, learn and have practice. We will be glad to hire you if there's an opportunity if you are a talented and responsible teacher.
If you attend course with "Online" package we can hire you only after the test lesson. We don't comment the lesson, only decide if your class is appropriate.
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