Free webinar

April, 23 at 7:00pm (Moscow time)

Life hacks to make
English learning fun!
You teach children 2-6 yo and want to know more life hacks how to motivate your group?

You just think to start working with kids and want to know how professional teachers deal with them?

You work with kids and want to talk to other professionals who share their experience?

  • English teachers with no experience with kids
  • experienced English teachers
  • students of pedagogical universities
What you get:
  • theory about teaching toddlers, why fun in the classroom is important and how it helps kids to learn
  • life hacks how to make English learning fun from experienced teachers (me and Wonderland Kids team)
  • resources for desperate teachers for kids which help you to find new ideas
  • the webinar will last for 1 hour

Who leads the webinar:
Alexandra Lee - co-founder, trainer of the authoring teaching methods and a current teacher in Wonderland Kids. Experience in teaching - 12 years.

Wonderland Kids – playful teaching English to kids with an authoring teaching methods. We use working and the best, as we believe, way to interest and motivate children to study English and ready to share this knowledge with you.

Wonderland kids teaching methods - learning through active and calm games, educational craft and songs. Based on TPR method. We also refer to foreign resources like British Council, Cambridge English, Super Simple Learning and others.

"Life hacks to make
English learning fun!"
Free webinar for English teachers for kids
+ Must have book that every teacher should read!
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