5 ideas how to finish
the school year fun and fruitful
How time flies!
The end of the school year is soon and I will definitely miss my lovely kids. I think you too.
Today I have prepared some ideas how to finish school year fun and fruitful!

1. Summer Bucket Lists.
What do kids expect from summer? Let's ask them!
Prepare a beach bag, cut out little pieces of paper. Kids can write their names and what they want to do in summer on the paper, or they can draw their wishes (if they can't write). They can say these wishes aloud and put them in the beach bag. Help kids to name these words or phrases in English.

2. Balloon pop game.
Play a balloon pop game during the last week or at the last class. Have each student their favorite memory (of this year classes) on a piece of paper. Fold the paper and put it inside the balloons. You can inflate them with helium or just with the air. Decorate the balloons and place them around your classroom. If you play this game for a week, you can pop one or two balloons during each lesson for the last week. If you play it on the last day, just pop them all at the end of your lesson and let your kids read the memories aloud.

3. Art gallery.
Create an art gallery with your kids' craft works. If they saved some of their crafts at home, they can bring them all and create this art gallery at the class. If they don't have their crafts anymore, let them do their favorite ones during the last lesson and then hang them around the classroom.
You can bring a long paper (I use IKEA paper roll for easels) and draw and paint with sticks, sponges, crayons, bottles, anything! Or give each child a sheet of paper and ask to do their own work.

4. Picnic.
Springtime is a great time to go outdoors.
If it's possible for your group, you can bring or ask your kids to bring some fruits, juice, vegetables, sandwiches and sweets.
Pack a little picnic basket with your kids, describe all the process in English. You can go to the park or just sit on a bench on a nearby playground.

5. Hide and seek with present.
On the last day bring little presents for your kids. The presents should be the same for all kids. Let your kids one by one hide each present. After that they can one by one lead each other to the presents. Use commands, like: turn right/left, go straight, look under, etc.
If your kids are too small and want to take the presents at once and open them, hide them by yourself and give instructions to them all.

Happy end of the year!

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Alexandra Lee,
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